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Dog Types


Golden Retrievers are awesome family dogs and in our opinion, the best family dog you could have.  They are friendly with everyone (strangers, children, dogs, cats, smaller pets), and bark is pleasing to the ear.  

Golden retrievers are gentle, kind, and simply an excellent dog breed due to their deep desire to please their owners. They simply want to make you happy. A Golden Retriever remains puppy-like for many years and is easy to house train due to their high intelligence.  With ease, you will be able to instill calmness and good manners in and out of the house.  See More

Loving some hugs and kissees


Goldens are excellent working dogs in a variety of specialties.  This is because they are incredibly easy to train, as well as calm-natured and very obedient.  This makes them ideal working dogs once properly trained. This includes roles such as guide dogs, tracking dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs and more.   

The key word we would use is “versatile” due to their high intelligence and personality.   They also, fortunately, have a solid life-span of 10+ years or more and are quite strong. See More

Giving attention and love!