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Such a happy day for the family
to meet their new pup!

Happy New Owners of a
Golden Retriever puppy!

Second puppy from Slater Creek for Josh!

Pearl and Buck’s puppy Fred got picked up!

Thank you again for breeding beautiful dogs! The kids are in love! And puppy loves playing with them—she jumped out of the box, tail wagging, and immediately started to romp around with them.

Jessica A. Clapp

Slater Creek Golden Retrievers gave me my absolute best friend/soulmate. Tucker is now 3 (born 2019) and is my best companion. Tucker is the quintessential Golden, beautiful, faithful, active, family-oriented, and geez I cannot come up with enough good things to say. Tucker is my soulmate. He makes me smile every day. If I feel bad he cares and comes to comfort me. He is so wonderful. My parents adopted another Slater Creek Golden, different parents, and she is phenomenal. So beautiful and sweet. Slater Creek Goldens are all love, loyalty and so much fun. Linda — you and your pups are my favorite ppl! Linda you will be in my heart forever.

Rebecca Shaw

Absolutely loved our experience at Slater Creek! Extremely professional, always kept us informed and comfortable. Our Golden is picture perfect and the ultimate family member we needed. Would recommend this breeder to anyone!.

Marshall Gore

Excellent place to find your perfect Golden Retriever. We have a 4 year old girl and a 1 year old girl from Slater Creek. These dogs are amazing. Beautiful, well-behaved, smart, happy, healthy, extremely affectionate. Definitely recommend Slater Creek and would use them again for sure.

Kim Adams