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Slater Creek Business FAQ

How long have you been in business?
We officially opened Slater Creek Golden Retrievers in 2013, but our family has been breeding golden retrievers since 1992.

Do you accept Credit Cards? 

What days of the week are you open?  Hours?
Monday thru Sunday from 8:00am to 7:00pm.

Can I purchase a dog as a gift for another family or person? 

Do you ship dogs out of state? 
Yes It can be done.

Slater Creek Breeding FAQ

Do you only breed championship lines? 

Do you have papers for every dog? 
Yes, all of our dog’s are AKC Registered , All of the puppies will have AKC registration papers.

Are dogs guaranteed to live beyond a certain age? 
We give a health guarantee up to 6 months.

What is the earliest you will let a dog leave your Kennel? 
Our puppies go home no earlier than 8 weeks.

What is the difference between a male and a female Golden Retriever?
They are both loving, loyal, and smart. Males are larger and taller. They have thicker feathering. Females tend to have smaller heads and bodies but can have full feathering as well.

Is there a waiting list? 

What is the deposit for a puppy?  Is it refundable? 
The deposit is $400 per puppy, nonrefundable.

Do you ever crossbreed your dogs? 
Absolutely not.

Golden Retriever FAQ

What do golden retrievers specialize in? 
They are working dogs. Therapy, hunting, seeing eye dogs and much more.  They are great family pets.

Are golden retrievers good with kids? 
There is no better dog for kids than a golden retriever in our opinion.

Are golden retrievers easy to train? 
Yes, they are very easy to train because they are smart and want to please.

Are golden retrievers good hunting dogs? 
Yes they are some of the best. In my opinion the best.

How big do golden retrievers get? 
Our Males range from 70 to 85 pounds and our females range from 55 to 65 pounds. All of our dogs are strong with big blocky heads.

How many puppies does the average litter deliver?