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Hunting Dogs

Easily one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet, the field-bred golden retriever is also a phenomenal gun dog.

It’s unlikely that anyone reading this isn’t already well-acquainted with the golden retriever. Their countenance is often seen in dog parks, hanging out of car windows, accompanying kiddos on a neighborhood walk, working avalanche duty on the ski hill, or in the halls of hospitals in a therapy vest.

The good news is that a field-bred golden retriever is also one of the best, most versatile hunting dogs you can take into the field.

Hunting with Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are water-loving swimmers who shine in the duck blind but can also easily work an upland field.

They retrieve naturally but will require shaping to perfect their bird retrieve to hand. They’re a versatile hunting companion who will just be happy to come along with you wherever you end up.

Although goldens have a sunny temperament, they’re a bit more sensitive than your typical labrador retriever. But, they’re generally easy to train due to their eager-to-please ways. And their high energy levels keep them engaged in any field of work.

The hunting-bred golden does tend to be more intense than other lines within the breed. But, this serves an important purpose in order to retrieve without hesitation.

Bred To Hunt

If you are not familiar with the history of golden retrievers, here is what you need to know; they were originally bred to fill a gap in the hunting dog world. There was not a dog that could retrieve birds in water as well as they could do on land while also being friendly and gentle with strangers.

They were bred to have everything that makes a great hunting dog; a great sense of smell, a double-coated coat that makes them great swimmers, a strong, muscular build that makes them able to run on rough terrain easily and be energetic for hours on end, and an intelligence that allows them to follow the hunter’s commands easily.

Goldens Have a Great Sense of Smell

When you think of an incredible sense of smell you probably think of working and police dogs like German Shepherds, but golden retrievers have one of the strongest senses of smell in dogs.

Their noses make them amazing hunting dogs that can track down birds no matter how far they glide after being shot, and they are able to track them down even in areas where there are lots of smells.

There are many hunters that swear that out of all retrievers, goldens have the strongest sense of smell and their goldens can track down birds that their friends’ dogs often can’t.

Goldens Are Highly Intelligent

Golden Retrievers are amongst the most intelligent dogs, and this intelligence makes them exceptional when hunting and tracking birds.

Not only can they keep track of where a bird is going, but they can take shortcuts and they can figure out ways to reach the bird even in the toughest terrains where other dogs may be stumped.

Goldens are also smart enough to exert the exact right amount of pressure on birds when retrieving them, despite having pretty strong jaws and bites. This is what is called “soft mouthing”.

However, they can’t naturally do that and they need a bit of training, unlike what some people believe, but they are also much more receptive to this training than other dogs.

Contact Slater Creek Golden Retrievers to Adopt Your New Hunting Dog

Golden Retrievers make for excellent hunting dogs, and they are specialized in retrieving birds. They can be trained to flush out prey as well, but there are many dogs that would be better at it than them.

Are you planning on adopting a puppy so you can have a hunting partner? Slater Creek Golden Retrievers breeds and raises Golden Retrievers in Colorado. We work hard to ensure our puppies are as healthy as possible so they can go on to become great hunting dogs and companions for you.