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Service Dogs

Service dogs can be an incredibly important part of an individual’s life, whether they are there for emotional support or to assist in performing daily tasks. Because of this, it is important that the dog breeds chosen to be trained as service dogs have the correct disposition. They must further have the ability to be properly trained in service tasks in order to fully assist individuals with disabilities.

One example of a dog breed especially suited to being a service dog is the golden retriever. This dog is kind, intelligent, and dependable, making it a perfect candidate for service dog training. Slater Creek Golden Retrievers will discuss the specifics of why golden retrievers make fantastic service dogs and give you some tips on starting to train your own golden retriever in service tasks.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Make Good Service Dogs?

It is important for a service dog to have a certain set of characteristics that make them good candidates for learning skills and supporting their owner. Service dogs need to be able to learn skills relatively quickly, be socialized in a number of different settings, and have the size and strength to perform necessary tasks for their owners. They should also be friendly and attentive without being too reactive or aggressive towards other people or animals.

With these attributes in mind, it is easy to see why golden retrievers make such fantastic service dogs. Golden retrievers are incredibly loyal and predisposed to following their owner around, which can be very helpful for an individual who needs their service dog to remain at their side for long periods of time. They are very friendly in nature and have a tendency to be loving to everyone they meet; this makes it easy to bring a golden into multiple different social settings and around different people and animals without them becoming upset or aggressive.

Golden retrievers also learn quickly and they love to perform tasks for their owners; bred initially as hunting dogs that were given the task of retrieving shot ducks, golden retrievers enjoy the challenge of learning new skills and being given a chance to prove themselves to their owners. Additionally, as a medium-sized dog, they are highly suited to performing tasks that need a little more strength and height, such as opening doors, pushing buttons, and supporting their owners with their bodies.

What Tasks Can a Golden Retriever Perform?

Golden retrievers can perform almost all tasks assigned to them with the right training, but there are some responsibilities that they are more suited to than others.

Guide Dogs

Acting as a seeing-eye dog is where many golden retrievers shine. Seeing eye dogs need to be active and alert to their surroundings, something that goldens excel in, as a larger breed that loves the outdoors. Guide dogs also need to learn a wide range of skills and tasks that help their owner, which is something that golden retrievers are capable of and enjoy doing.

Mobility Assistance Dogs

As their name indicates, golden retrievers love to retrieve. They are a good choice for mobility assistance dogs as they are quickly able to learn commands and enjoy the act of bringing things to their owner. A golden retriever’s size also makes them especially suited to being able to open doors, move items, and provide psychical assistance to their owner.

Therapy Dogs

Because they are highly sensitive to the people around them, golden retrievers are very suited to becoming therapy dogs. They are often seen working in hospitals to provide comfort to patients and are often able to become emotional service animals (keep in mind that ESAs are different from service dogs in terms of legal protections). Goldens are quiet and naturally disposed to being friendly and loving, one of the most important traits needed in a therapy dog.

Our Golden Retrievers Are Here To Service You

Golden retrievers are gentle, friendly, furry friends who respond well to training and are responsive to human emotional needs, making them one of the most common service dog breeds.

Is your loved one looking for the perfect dog match? Would you like to have someone help them in their daily lives and guide them with their canine companion? Slater Creek Golden Retrievers has bred and owned Golden Retrievers for more than 30 yrs. For us, Goldens is a way of life. Our Goldens are raised in a fun-loving family environment, with beautiful, safe surroundings in the mountains of Colorado.