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Should you buy a Golden Retriever puppy or adult? Why?

Golden Retrievers may be just the best family pet to own because of their amazing characteristics and temperament. These are some of the reasons why different people would choose certain types of dog breeds over others. Dog breeders strive to provide purpose, knowledge, and passion when taking care of puppies from the time they are born until they become adults. As a buyer, it can be quite challenging when you are faced with the decision to choose the most suitable size of a Golden Retriever that you wish to take home. In this article, we share what it is like to live with a Golden Retriever puppy or adult to help you choose what best suits your lifestyle.  

Golden Retriever puppy

The reason why a Golden Retriever puppy is adorable is that they are always cute, cuddly, and amusing behavior. This means you will have to keep a constant eye on your Golden puppy as they continue to grow and guide them gently to a more productive activity. Other aspects will involve creating a routine for your puppy by taking him outdoors for potty breaks and feeding him at intervals to establish the desired place. 

People have different reasons for adopting a Golden Retriever puppy besides their cuteness. One of the reasons why most dog owners prefer raising their Golden from puppyhood increases the bond with the family.

golden retriever

Golden Retriever dogs make the best companions for a family!

As a proactive owner, you can socialize your puppy to get along well with strangers and other pets from an early stage instead of learning it the wrong way on their own. Keep in mind that teaching your dog good behavior doesn’t happen magically overnight. It takes a lot of time and dedication to raise and train a Golden Retriever puppy which pays off in the end. 

Reasons to Buy a Golden Retriever Puppy

If you want to train your dog and be part of their life from when they are young, then you should consider getting a Golden Retriever puppy. It creates a big part of the bonding process since you get to understand the physical and emotional characteristics of your Golden Retriever throughout most of its life. Therefore, getting a Golden Retriever puppy means you are willing to take full responsibility for your training without worrying about the need to correct old habits. 

Golden Retriever Adult (Or Older Puppy)

There are situations when a dog breeder can raise several puppies from a litter to find one that meets the expectations of their breeding program. At some point during their growth, the breeder can choose which types of older puppies to place in the right home and which ones to hold onto for the future. This could be anywhere between 6 months, 8 months, or 12 months based on what the breeder sees fit. As long as all the Golden Retriever puppies are raised with the same care as others under a leash at all times, they will be ready to blend in with the lifestyle of their new owner. 

There are instances when a previous buyer may contact the dog breeder when unforeseen circumstances make the current owner unable to keep their Golden Retriever. The breeders can also take back the dog when they don’t find a new home and will assess to find out if you are the right home for the adult Golden Retriever that is present in their breeding program.