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How long do Golden Retriever dogs act like puppies?

Golden Retrievers make wonderful family pets because they are always sweet, loving, and loyal. They will follow you adoringly from one room to the other because they love spending time with their owners. Golden Retriever females are more likely to be calmer than their male counterparts because they tend to mature faster obedience-wise. If you are thinking of owning a Golden Retriever or you have already adopted one, it would be ideal to know their behavioral characteristics to understand how well they cope with humans. In today’s article, we will be discussing how long Golden Retrievers tend to act like puppies. 

The puppy phase of Golden Retrievers

Before you adopt or choose a Golden Retriever to be your family dog, it is important to know that this dog breed is known to be very active, and attention-seeking. They tend to act like puppies from the time they start growing until around 2 or 3 years old. How much your Golden Retriever will calm down after this age gap depends on the specific dog itself. There are situations where your Retriever may maintain their energy throughout their entire lives while others taper off in their later stages of life. 

golden retriever puppy

The golden retriever puppy phase can last a while

It is important to give your Golden Retriever affection, daily exercise, and training so they can live the happiest and healthiest life. There have been notions amongst dog owners that neutering or spaying their dogs can help calm them down. On the contrary, the procedure only keeps the dog calmer for a shorter period while they recover from fatigue. Neutering or spaying offers slight chances of correcting dog behavior when they are still puppies because the dog hasn’t had enough time to mature and learn problematic behaviors. This is why you should not spay or neuter your puppy until it is at least a year old.

Importance of exercise & what happens after the puppy phase

Golden Retrievers, like many breeds, need to expel their energy the moment it comes. Locking your puppy in a kennel or crate for hours during the day can cause a buildup that leads to destructive behaviors. You can keep them busy with walks, runs, toys, and games of fetch. Giving your Retriever puppy at least two intervals of exercise per day that lasts about five minutes. You can add an extra 5 minutes to their exercise time for each month they age. 

After the puppy phase, your Golden Retriever will have learned all the ropes and the activity levels may start to decline. After much training and exercise over the past 3 years, you should have a well-behaved Golden Retriever by now. Since every dog is unique, it can be difficult to be specific on when your specific Retriever will mellow out. Some Golden Retrievers can remain hyper throughout their entire life. However, most of them will turn from playful into mannered and well-spirited adults if they are properly trained and exercised. 

The benefits of training your Golden Retriever

  • Develops strong bond with the owner

Early training establishes a strong between your Golden Retriever and you as the owner. The only way you can remain in control is to achieve a higher level of respect from your dog. In addition to poor listening or inability to respond to commands, an untrained Golden Retriever may turn out to be a misbehaved one and a nuisance to the family.

  • Maintains a clean and odor-free home

A trained Golden Retriever will always be calm and gentle around the house, especially when they have been taken through the kennel and potty training. It makes everything comfortable when your puppy knows when and where to take nature calls at home. If you want your Golden puppy to treat your home with respect, you need to train him on how to live with the rest of your family. 

  • Lives a fuller and varied lifestyle

Your Golden Retriever will live a fuller and much more varied life if he is well-behaved and can be taken with you everywhere you go. This can only happen if they don’t chew on everything, act wildly with other pets, or jump up on people. A well-behaved Golden Retriever can be allowed to run free off the leash and come back nicely when called. 

Golden Retrievers have always been the perfect dog breed for families, service, therapy, and shows. They are quite active when it comes to activity levels and may act like puppies for as long as 2 to 3 years old. It is important to give your Golden puppy good amounts of exercise and training so they can learn to cope with your family and live their lives to the fullest.