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How smart are Golden Retrievers

Finding the right dog for you can be difficult sometimes, so it is a good idea to learn some of the things that set a breed apart. Golden Retrievers stand apart from many other breeds due to their nature and attitude. They are also set apart as one of the smartest dogs. The most objective way to test a dog’s IQ relates to their obedience skills and working intelligence. While some of the most popular dog breeds fall into the average intelligence category, it can be interesting to know just how smart your dog is. Many experts rank Golden Retrievers as one of the most intelligent dogs. So, why are Golden Retrievers so intelligent?


Golden Retrievers are intelligent when it comes to training, as that is what they were bred to do. They strive to be loyal and please the people around them. Many Golden Retrievers are trained to be hunting dogs, so their obedience must be top-notch.

These dogs were capable of learning a new command in fewer than five repetitions, which is very impressive when compared to other dog breeds. Compared to the average dog, the Golden Retriever was five times faster at learning new commands. They also have a 95% success rate of being able to obey a command on the first try!

Training comes naturally to Golden Retrievers, and it is something that they enjoy doing! They might be easy to train because of their nature of pleasing people but they also really like treats, so make sure to reward them!

Instinctive and Adaptive Intelligence

Instinctive Intelligence

Instinctive intelligence refers to inherited abilities that were bred into particular dog breeds. Not much human training is needed for this intelligence. Retrieving is the Golden Retriever’s instinctive intelligence.

Golden Retrievers have a natural desire to retrieve. In hunting, they retrieve waterfowl that has been shot by a hunter. Golden Retrievers will want to retrieve items for their owner because it has been bred into them.

Adaptive Intelligence

Adaptive intelligence refers to what a dog can learn to do for themselves. This means the dog is able to learn from previous experiences.

For instance, a dog might make a mistake and learn from it and not do it again. Golden retrievers have high adaptive intelligence.

To give an example, the Golden Retriever may be told to go to their crate because their owner is leaving. The first few times, the owner has to tell them to go to their crate. After a few times, the dog notices the owner has keys in their hands and automatically goes into the crate without the verbal direction.

Golden Retriever Intelligence In Action

Below are some areas of Intelligence where Golden Retrievers shine. While these are not the only ways that Goldens can be successful, they are common strengths of their intelligence.


Golden Retrievers love the water, so no wonder they make for a good waterfowl hunting dog. From the beginning, Golden Retrievers were specifically bred to retrieve waterfowl. Because they require few repetitions to learn new commands, hunters have been able to train them as a hunting companions quickly.

Their gentle mouths make it easy for them to retrieve the game and bring it to their owner unharmed. Many hunters use Golden Retrievers for hunting because they will do anything to please their owners.

Service Dogs

Golden Retrievers are one of the most common dog breeds used as service dogs because of their high intelligence. They are easily trained to help people do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

They are natural helping dogs that are sensitive to people who are in pain or hurting.

They also have a keen sense of smell. Law enforcement often uses Golden Retrievers at airports, border crossings, and seaports, where they help in tracking down fugitives or cracking down on drug trafficking.


Golden Retrievers are a highly intelligent dog breed. Not only are they smart, but they love to be around people. This makes them a great addition to the family, as well as, useful for hunting and helping others. They are very reliable and loyal; therefore, you can trust them to do just about anything.

Golden Retrievers can make a fantastic pet for years to come. Be sure to check out our adorable available puppies, here!